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Professional Skills Certification


To earn the Professional Human Rights Worker (PHRW) Certification, the following must be completed within three years:


  • Successfully complete the twelve core courses

  • Successfully complete four electives, for a total of sixteen (16) Skill Building Credits.

Master Skills Certification


To earn a Master Human Rights Worker (MHRW) Certification, you must first complete all requirements for the PHRW certification, and within two additional years, complete the following.


  • Teach one (1) first year and one (1) second year core class

  • Complete six (6) additional classes not included in core classes


NAHRW’s conferences and training sessions puts you in contact with experts and your peers. We believe in adding value and offer you premium content that will improve your performance. Our conferences give you  firsthand, intimate knowledge of what's going on in the area of human rights.


Further, we have working relationships with many dedicated and knowledgeable human rights individuals and professionals. These relationships help us identify and develop cutting-edge training curriculum that have significant value to our members and participants.


We believe our conferences are a sure-fire recipe for success. If you're looking for the latest and the best in fail-safe techniques, tools, technologies and processes, look no further. Our authoritative, powerful conferences arm you with step-by-step methodologies that help you do your job better, in less time, and with far greater impact. 


Master Skills Certification
Careers in Human Rights

Get the relevant training and experience you will need to prepare or propel your career as a human rights professional!  


Human rights professionals work in many area including state and local governments, non-governmental agencies, charities, academia and law. There is a huge variety of roles, including research, public relations, investigation, and administration. Whatever role you are interested in and whatever your qualifications, getting into Human Rights work is highly competitive.



The National Association of Human Rights Workers trains individuals and organizations engaged in human and civil rights professions. We educate and train teachers of intergroup relations, governments representatives and commissions.



The National Assosiation of Human Rights Workers (NAHRW) is committed to providing education, training and research, networking, and professional development to it's members to enable them to foster equality within a diverse society.​


  • Engage in Lifelong Learning and Quality Improvement

  • Make Compelling Connections

  • Make a Difference


NAHRW is seeking papers for the winter edition of the Journal of Intergroup Relations (JIR). The Journal is a bi-annual publication (summer and winter) that features information and research of interest to scholars and practitioners in the human rights cause worldwide.


Submit your papers now!

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James L. Stowe

Past President, NAHRW

James E. Davis, Jr.

President Elect, NAHRW

James L. Stowe serves as the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights, MD. Mr. Stowe is a native of Belmont, North Carolina.  Jim and his family relocated to Montgomery County Maryland to serve as the 4th Director of the Office of Human Rights. The agency, established in 1960, provides leadership to the people of Montgomery County and works toward eliminating racism/discrimination; identifying and resolving community tensions; and educating the citizens about cultural diversity.  These efforts culminate in our goal of Creating a Culture of Service and a Climate of Fairness and Inclusion.

The office has a rich legacy of human rights advocacy and professional competency and continues today as one of the premier civil and human rights agencies in the nation. Under Jim’s leadership, the Office has set its sights on even greater engagement in the community and heightening professional standards for all involved with the office. 

James E. Davis, Is currently the Assistant Director of Neighborhood Improvement Services, City of Durham. He has over 17 years of experience in human rights/relations-related work. 

Mr. Davis has experience in the health, legal, and community outreach fields. Combining law school education, public health administration experiences, and public speaking flair to encourage and empower others. Since 2001 he has also worked to promote fair and equal opportunities in housing and has worked with youth (individually and in groups), which includes volunteering and coaching youth.  

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